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Neuromuscular Manual Therapy

We combine conventional orthopedic and functional neuromuscular medical therapies. Our goal is to find the best conservative, regenerative treatments for relieving pain and optimizing mobility, to promote healing and prevent future problems.


We use an ‘evidence-informed’ neuromuscular approach to resolve pain.

Exclusively focused on rehabilitation of soft-tissue dysfunction associated with medically diagnosed injury and myofascial pain syndrome.

What We Treat

What sets us apart?

We offer an innovative treatment approach when pain medications and conventional methods have failed.

 Our patients are fully clothed and benefit from the added expertise of the lead acupuncturist.


Nueromuscular Therapy

Our treatment method combines manual therapy with assisted movements to address dysfunction, misalignment and postural deviations. We combine specific corrective exercises that have the ability to invoke ideal or near-ideal movement pattern from the nervous system.

Your session may include:

  • A postural evaluation, a review of your health and injury history, discussion of treatment goals.

  • The application of neuromuscular and trigger point techniques to reduce pain and improve function.

  • In addition, we may suggest an individualized treatment plan based on careful testing and assessment to reinforce the work for longer-lasting results. 

Back Massage
Postural Analysis & Manual Therapy

Manual and soft-tissue techniques are used to deactivate trigger points, improve muscular imbalance, resolve nerve entrapments, and correct static and dynamic postural distortion.

Physical Therapy
Postural Corrective Exercises

Retrain your body to move the way it should and leave pain and restricted movement behind. Homecare activities may be recommended to expedite recovery time.

Best in Litchfield, CT

We provide Litchfield County and surrounding areas with the best massage therapy.

Back Massage
599 Bantam Road
Litchifled, CT 06750
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