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Leg Injury

The medical massage treatments release tension and eliminate muscle spasms.

Medical Massage Therapy

We offer a relaxing manual therapy treatment designed to alleviate  pain through gentle myofascial release. This treatment is tailored to meet your individual needs and helps to soothe body tension.

What To Expect For Your First Treatment:

During your first appointment you we will take a detailed history, perform a postural analysis, and treat according to findings.

The treatment incorporates hands-on manual therapy as well as the use of tools to assist in stretching and strengthening as needed.  If appropriate, you will be given effective self-care, therapeutic strength-training and stretching homework.  


**You will be clothed during the session, so wear comfortable clothing that allows for free movement of your body.  Gym clothes are perfect, no skirts.  


Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome 

Back and Neck Pain

Muscle and Joint Pain

Tendon/Ligament Pain



Plantar Fasciitis

Tennis Elbow/Golfer's Elbow

TMJ Dysfunction

Fibromyalgia Management

Body Aches

Stress Related Tension

Sports Injury

​And much more!

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What sets us apart?

We offer targeted medical massage to release trigger points and tight muscles. Our patients are fully clothed and benefit from the added expertize of our acupuncturist on staff.

Best in Litchfield, CT

We provide Litchfield County and surrounding areas with the best massage therapy.

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