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I have cervical stenosis and used to have chronic neck pain and
burning pain down my arm.
Electro-Acupuncture is the only thing that keeps it under control.

- John L.

Effective Results

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Longer-Lasting Results
Cost Effective

Increases blood flow to target area. 
This may help flush algesic biochemicals (pain-causing substances) which are the primary cause of skeletal muscle pain. The increase in local blood flow also helps nourish and heal compromised tissue.

scar tissue.png

Regulates and impedes regeneration of fibrous tissues, prevents adhesions during recuperation, and improves blood circulation at scar areas. Breaking-up scar tissue allows new functional tissue to grow back in its place. 


Stimulates endogenous opiates (beta-endorphin, enkephalin, endomorphin and dynorphin) and endocannabinoid receptors to reduce pain and enhance mood during the healing process.

Milliamp Current (mA)
The scientific literature indicates that when Milliamp Current is applied at specific frequencies to various tissues it can produce the following results:

Specializing in Frequency-Specific Electro-Acupuncture (FSEA)
We combine Frequency-Specific Electro-Acupuncture (FSEA) and postural alignment therapy to treat chronic pain and sports injuries. Dr. Ramburn also uses acupuncture, herbs and nutrition to treat a variety of intractable health conditions such as Mood Disorders or Post-Stroke Paralysis as well as Autoimmune Conditions. We can work in conjunction with western pharmacotherapy or surgical options by offering relief from side-effects of medication and improving mobility while decreasing pain and recovery time post-surgery.

Low-intensity Pulsed Galvanic Current and the Healing of Tenotomized Rat Achilles Tendons: Preliminary Report Using Load-to-Breaking Measurements Archives Physical Med Rehab, Vol. 68, July 1987

Experimental Studies of Influences on Healing Process of Mandibular Defect Stimulated by Microcurrent Shikwa Gakuho, #82 1982



Increases collagen and elastin production, proteins that support the structure of our bodies and keep us healthy and strong. This increase results in faster tissue repair and healing.

man stretching.png

Strengthens tendons and promotes bone healing.


Increases Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in the cells by and boosts availability of free amino acids to help cellular repair.
ATP is cellular energy that fuels every function in the body, speeds up healing and increases performance.

Microamp Current (uA)
The scientific literature indicates that when Micro-Current is applied at specific frequencies to various tissues it can produce the following results:

What all this means for you:

More focused targeting at the site of injury than TENS unit with
pads or probes on the skin surface

Fewer treatment sessions with faster results

Longer-lasting pain relief

More cost-effective

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know for my first appointment?

Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out your initial paperwork.

We encourage you to eat something light an hour or two before arriving. Our therapies are best received when not overly full or overly hungry. Dress in comfortable clothing that can easily be rolled up to the elbows and knees. Try to avoid intake of caffeine or pain medications for several hours before you come in. Please bring a list of medications or supplements that you are currently taking.

Does it hurt?

No. Acupuncture needles are hair-thin and patients often describe a warm, heavy or tingling sensation that the ancients described as Qi (chi) upon insertion. Once all the needles are inserted, you should feel comfortable and relaxed. If you experience any discomfort with a needle, it can be easily adjusted. The experience of acupuncture is nothing like getting a shot or any other interactions you’ve had with needles since acupuncture needles are so thin.

We also offer non-insertive acupressure treatments using bodywork and non-insertive tools for children and those who are particularly averse to needles.

What are the needles like?

Only sterile, single-use disposable needles are used so there is no risk of infection. Acupuncture needles are small, hair-thin and unlike needles used for injections, they are not hollow. Acupuncture needles are not designed to cut the skin and instead are able to push through the tissue on insertion.

Do I have to believe in acupuncture for it to work?

No. Acupuncture works independent of belief structures. Acupuncture is even successfully used on animals. Nonetheless our minds are powerful instruments capable of facilitating the healing process and as such a positive attitude helps with any kind of therapy. Since positive expectations tend to increase therapeutic benefits, please raise any concerns or doubts that you may have so that I can help alleviate them and enhance the efficacy of your treatment. You can email me today if you wish.

Can Frequency Specific Electro-Acupuncture (FSEA) work for you?

Frequency Specific Electro-Acupuncture (FSEA) is a more advanced form of Acupuncture that can get predictable, effective results for most types of pain or injury.

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